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VeriCure for Monitoring Cure Temperature of CIPP

Using patented technology, VeriCure monitors cure temperature continuously along the full length of a CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) liner during installation. This information helps ensure storm and sewer lines are rehabilitated to specification, and perform as intended. Designed to distinguish even small thermal variances, VeriCure measures average temperature in successive 1.5' zones—a spatial resolution at least seven times that of alternative technologies. And with measurement probes costing less than a dollar per foot, VeriCure makes it affordable to prevent costly lifts, delamination, over-tensioning and environmental contamination.

During liner cure, the exothermic reaction of the resin can occur on a small scale, and non-uniformly with respect to time and distance. For this reason, measuring temperature at a liner’s endpoints (the traditional method) provides no assurance that cure has happened everywhere (or anywhere) between. Even measuring a couple dozen intermediate points can overlook significant regional variations. VeriCure, on the other hand, performs continuous measurement, which means that each 1.5-foot measurement zone reflects the average temperature across that zone.

Indeed, VeriCure indicates exactly when the liner cure goes exothermic, and when cure and cool-down are complete. This means no wasting fuel and crew time overcooking the liner, and no risk of failure due to undercooked midpoints. The savings more than offsets the cost of the technology, and the information gathered provides valuable insurance against costly warranty repairs down the road.

VeriCure measurement probes are unobtrusive; they measure just 3mm in diameter, and introduce no sensitive electronics into the pipe. They come in stock lengths of 500, 700 and 900 feet, and can also be fabricated to custom lengths. The probes are simply pulled into position by a crawler or jetter, and then cut along with the liner ends after cure is complete.

The software supplied with VeriCure is tailored to CIPP professionals. It delivers real-time data to help you control cure for maximum quality and efficiency, and it summarizes the completed process with a succinct report for the asset owner. In each measurement zone, the software verifies that cure temperate has been met and maintained for the appropriate amount of time, and then that cool-down happens at the specified rate. By aggregating this zone data, VeriCure is able to give simple indications of when cure temperature has been reached, and when cure and cool-down are complete. The final data is summarized elegantly in a gradient chart whose axes represent time and distance, and whose color represents temperature.

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