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Janssen Process Structurally Renews Lateral Connections

Cities prefer Janssen because it:

  • Structurally resolves the primary failure cause: inadequate bedding.
  • Permanently solves infiltration, root intrusion and ground cavity problems.
  • Mills away FOG-contaminated pipe surfaces for better adhesion.
  • Can be used in high-ground water areas.
  • Stops water traveling in annulus from entering connection.
  • No excavation, by-pass pumping or traffic re-routing required.

Pressure-Injected Resin Reestablishes Bedding and Bonds Lateral to Mainline.

Janssen is the only no-dig remedy that addresses the underlying cause of lateral connection failures: inadequate bedding and structural support. Fast-curing resins are robotically pressure-injected into the cavities around a lateral, creating bedding that permanently eliminates infiltration, root intrusion and voids. It also seals the liner to the mainline at the lateral interface, preventing seepage between the two.

Far more durable than other rehab methods, Janssen Process relies on patented delivery equipment and carefully blended resins to overcome common sewer pipe design challenges. Fats, oils and grease, ground water infiltration, and broken and cracked pipe are difficult for conventional trenchless techniques. Janssen’s milling and injection robots prepare and rebuild lateral connections under the harshest conditions. Specially formulated resins permanently adhere to pipe wall and fill bedding to create a robust, 50-plus year design life solution.

Janssen Process Step-by-Step

To prepare the lateral connection for rehabilitation, a robotic cutter mills a gap between the lateral and mainline and, in the process, creates new pipe wall. Once milling is complete, a robotic packer is positioned at the connection where it:

  • Isolates, pressure injects and seals the lateral/mainline gap.
  • Injects a fast-curing silicate resin through the gap, into the bedding and voids, re-building spring line support.
  • Simultaneously bonds to new pipe walls.
  • Injects resin into the mainline annulus space (if lined) and encapsulates lining material.
  • Waits 20 minutes for an exothermic cure.
  • Verifies the sealing process with 3 on-board cameras.
  • Waits another 20 minutes before moving to the next lateral.

Janssen lateral and point repair technologies are true trenchless technologies. Robotic devices are flow-through designed. No bypass pumping is required except in extreme cases. Resins and injection equipment are designed to pump directly into high ground water defects and seal them permanently.

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